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Video: QoS Theory and QoS Configuration for Cisco Catalyst 3560 and 3750

When preparing for the Cisco CCIE Voice and CCIE R/S exams, you'll need to have a comprehensive understanding of how QoS functions on on the Catalyst 3750 and Catalyst 3560 switches.  When preparing for the CCIE Voice exam, I can personally attest to how easy it was to focus on all of the other voice-specific topics on the exam and neglect the needed complete understanding of QoS theory and QoS configuration on the Catalyst 3750. 

Cisco Voice over IP
Kevin Wallace (CCIE #7945) aims to simplify QoS theory and QoS configuration in this extensive 100+ minute video.  The topics discussed apply to the common architecture found on the Catalyst 3560 and Catalyst 3750 switches, so it applies to both CCIE Voice and CCIE R/S students.  Kevin is also the author of several highly recommened Cisco Press books which always end up on my personal bookshelf.

Note:  Some of the configuration can be a little hard to read using the default 360p version of this video.  If you have the bandwidth, I suggest you use the 720p HD version of the video (selectable on the bottom panel of the video interface below).

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