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Cisco Cius Video Deep Dive

Cisco Cius
In this hour-long video, the TechWiseTV team takes a deeper look into the new Cisco Cius tablet.  While I'm not aware of this content being found on any of the current Cisco certifications, you can count on it being added in the near future wherever it makes sense.

Most companies are integrating new collaboration tools, including the Cisco Cius, in order to find new efficiencies in how they do business - and Cisco is pushing adoption of the Cius via their sales channels - hard!

All Cisco voice engineers need to have at least a basic understanding of this device and what it can provide.  This video is a great starting point.  So, grab some popcorn, a big box of Raisinets and a huge Coke and enjoy the show.

Included in this extensive video:
  1. Cisco Cius Unboxing
  2. Multi-media Test Drive
  3. Application Development Overview
  4. Complete Cisco Cius Security Discussion

Additional Information
Cisco Youtube Channel

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