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CUCM CLI: 'delete process'

CUCM CLI commands are powerful and sometimes, misunderstood.  I welcome everyone to add value to this social page with your own thoughts, examples, and useful application of the command listed on this page.  

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Command Description

delete process : deletes a specific process running on CUCM system

Command Syntax

delete process process-id [force|terminate|crash]

process-id represents the process ID number
force : tells the process to stop, use only if delete process fails
terminate  : tells the operating system to end the process, use only if force does not work
crash : creates a crash dump after crashing the process

Privilege Requirement: Command privilege level 1

Command Example

I've used this command in the past to stop a process that was consuming a great deal of CPU or memory on the CUCM system.  These processes can become very dangerous and eventually crash the system.

One such example involved the slp_srvreg process that was utilizing a large amount of the CPU.    The show process command exposed the process that was causing the problem.  We were able to stop the process with a delete process command, and then started the service manually to restore the process to normal operation, utils snmp hardware-agent restart

Submit your examples and thoughts as comments below - we would love to see them!

Related Commands

show process using-most memory   : processes consuming the most memory
show process using-most cpu : processes consuming the most cpu
show process : shows information about all processes on the system
utils service : shows information about all processes on the system

Command Line Interface Reference Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Release 7.0(1) - Cisco Systems
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