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CUCM CLI: 'file check'

CUCM CLI commands are powerful and sometimes, misunderstood.  I welcome everyone to add value to this social page with your own thoughts, examples, and useful application of the command listed on this page.  

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Command Description

file check : displays any changes in the the /usr directory tree since the last fresh upgrade or installation; deleted, changed, and added files are included in the resulting list 

Command Syntax

file check [threshold-size]

threshold-size : minimum size of file or directory before it is returned by the file check command, default size is 100 KB.

Privilege Requirement: Command privilege level 0
Note:  This could potentially impact system performance, best to run after periods of peak usage.

Command Example

This is a nice command to give a quick "diff" of the system between last install/upgrade and now.  The (normally very lengthy) output below has been shortened greatly for the blog, but should give you a good idea of what can be expected.  

admin:file check

This command may use a considerable amount of I/O
and running it may impact system performance.

It is highly recommended that this command be
run off-hours.

Continue (y/n)?y

Using minimum file size value of 100 KB
Missing files or directories:

       0 KB /usr/local/cm/db/car/car_ids_alarm_file
       0 KB /usr/local/cm/db/dblbounce_check

Directory/File growth in KB:

    3672 KB /usr/local/platform/conf
     369 KB /usr/local/platform/conf/cliCommands.xml

Submit your examples and thoughts as comments below - we would love to see them!

Related Commands

file view : displays the contents of a file
file list : list all log files from within a log directory

Command Line Interface Reference Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Release 7.0(1) - Cisco Systems

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