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CUCM CLI: 'delete account'

CUCM CLI commands are powerful and sometimes, misunderstood.  I welcome everyone to add value to this social page with your own thoughts, examples, and useful application of the command listed on this page.  

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Command Description

delete account : deletes an administrator account

Command Syntax

delete account account-name

account-name represents the name of an administrator account.
Privilege Requirement: Command privilege level 4

Command Example

I've most often used this command when dealing with a transition of CUCM management between different groups or companies.  Usually, there is a period of time in which both entities maintain a valid administrator account on the CUCM system while processes are worked out.  The final step is to remove the administrator account used by the original entity.  The command, delete account, does the job very efficiently.

Submit your examples and thoughts as comments below - we would love to see them!

Related Commands

set account : creates a new account on the operating system
show account : shows all administrator accounts
show myself : shows information about the current account

Command Line Interface Reference Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Solutions Release 7.0(1) - Cisco Systems

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