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UC Deployment Models - CCIE Collaboration Written Study Guide

ccie collaboration blueprint topic
This post will serve as a study guide for the specific CCIE Collaboration Written blueprint topic, UC Deployment Models, from the larger blueprint section, Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure.

[Full CCIE Collaboration Written Blueprint]

Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure 

  • >> UC Deployment Models <<
  • User Management
  • IP Routing in Cisco Collaboration Solutions
  • Virtualization in Cisco Collaboration Solutions
    • UCS
    • VMware
    • Answer Files
  • Wireless in Cisco Collaboration Solutions
  • Network Services
    • DNS
    • DHCP
    • TFTP
    • NTP
    • CDP/LLDP
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Voice and Data VLAN
  • IP Multicast
  • IPv6

Collaboration 9.x SRND Highlights: UC Deployment Models

This section contains information published within the Cisco Collaboration 9.x SRND (and is therefore not my own work).  I feel that it is very likely that questions on the CCIE Collaboration written exam related to "UC Deployment Models" will have direct references to the linked, quoted and paraphrased information below.  It is highly suggested to read the actual SRND document closely as you prepare for the CCIE Collaboration Written Exam.

Collaboration Deployment Models (50 pages, Cisco Collaboration 9.x SRND)

 Typical UC Deployment Models

Where the Unified Communications and Collaboration services, their associated endpoints, gateways, border controllers, media resources, and other components are all located on a single high speed LAN or MAN.
Campus UC Deployment Model

Where the Unified Communications and Collaboration services are located in a central campus site or data center, but the endpoints, gateways, media resources, and other components are distributed across multiple remote sites that are interconnected by a QoS-enabled WAN.
Multisite Centralized Processing UC Deployment Model

Where multiple campus and/or centralized deployments are interconnected over a QoS-enabled WAN.
Multisite Distributed Processing UC Deployment Model

Video Tutorial(s): UC Deployment Models

If you'd like to suggest a useful video, please use the comment section below.

Additional Resources: UC Deployment Models

If you'd like to suggest additional resources, please use the comment section below.

Final Thoughts: UC Deployment Models

This is a very large topic from the SRND and you can be certain that you will get at least one question about it on the CCIE Collaboration Written exam, probably multiples.  Fifty pages in the Collaboration 9.x SRND are dedicated to this one singular topic.  My advice when approaching this topic is to review the SRND section above very closely and look for small details that you may have not have remembered from CCNP Voice studies.

Also, be on the lookout for details that may have changed in this 9.x version of the Collaboration SRND.  I didn't go back and compare previous versions of the SRND, but it feels to me that there is a stronger emphasis on virtualized hardware deployments.  Also, notice the additional use of terminology when describing the basic deployment models: it is also known as Single Site, Multisite/Centralized and Multisite/Distributed.

Take your time and remember that anything in the SRND is fair game for the written exam!

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