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Acronyms: Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE)

As the first step of my pursuit to improve my overall understanding of the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) product, I've committed to reading the UCCE 9.x SRND cover to cover.  That's right, 398 pages of pure unadulterated gleeful knowledge absorption.  At least that is how exciting I'm trying to convince myself it will be.

As I progress, I'm likely to create a series of UCCE-related posts in the coming weeks.  I'll use it as a way to reinforce my learning and perhaps share a few things that I learn along the way. 

I'm going to get the series started by focusing on the list of acronyms in the SRND.  Yes, it's quite an impressive list. Many of them were already familiar to me due to my experience with other aspects of the Cisco UC product line.  As I proceed, I will use this acronym post as a way to link content and deepen understanding.

I'd also welcome anyone to contribute to the list - this will be a living and changing document!

Cisco UCCE SRND 9.x Acronyms


ACD     Automatic call distribution
AD      Active Directory
ADSL    Asymmetric digital subscriber line
AHT     Average handle time
ANI     Automatic Number Identification
APG     Agent Peripheral Gateway
AQT     Average queue time
ARM     Agent Reporting and Management
ASA     Average speed of answer
ASR     Automatic speech recognition
AVVID   Cisco Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data
AW      Administrative Workstation
AWDB    Administrative Workstation Database


BBWC    Battery-backed write cache
BHCA    Busy hour call attempts
BHCC    Busy hour call completions
BHT     Busy hour traffic

BIB     Built-In-Bridge
BOM     Bill of materials
bps     Bits per second
Bps     Bytes per second


CAD     Cisco Agent Desktop
CC      Contact Center
CCE     Contact Center Enterprise
CG      CTI gateway
CIPT OS Cisco Unified Communications Operating System
CIR     Cisco Independent Reporting
CMS     Configuration Management Service
ConAPI  Configuration Application Programming Interface
CPE     Customer premises equipment
CPI     Cisco Product Identification tool
CRM     Customer Relationship Management
CRS     Cisco Customer Response Solution
CSD     Cisco Supervisor Desktop
CSS     Cisco Content Services Switch

CSS     Calling Search Space
CSV     Comma-separated values
CTI     Computer telephony integration
CTI OS  CTI Object Server

CUCM    Cisco Unified Communications Manager 
CUSP    Cisco Unified SIP Proxy
CVP     Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal


DCA     Dynamic Content Adapter
DCS     Data Collaboration Server
DES     Data Encryption Standard
DHCP    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DID     Direct inward dial
DiffServ Differentiated Services
DMP     Device Management Protocol
DMZ     Demilitarized zone
DN      Directory number
DNP     Dialed Number Plan
DNS     Domain Name System
DSCP    Differentiated Services Code Point
DSL     Digital subscriber line
DSP     Digital signal processor

DTAL    Direct Transfer Across Line, MLAM required
DTMF    Dual Tone Multi Frequency


ECC     Expanded Call Context
EIM     E-mail Integration Manager


HA WAN  Highly available WAN
HDS     Historical Data Server
HSRP    Hot Standby Router Protocol


ICCS    Intra-Cluster Communication Signaling
ICM     Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management
IDF     Intermediate distribution frame
IDS     Intrusion detection system
IntServ Integrated services

IOS     Internetwork Operating System
IP      Internet Protocol
IPCC    Cisco IP Contact Center
IPM     Internetwork Performance Monitor
IPPA    Unified IP Phone Agent
ISN     Internet service node
IVR     Interactive voice response
IXC     Inter-exchange carrier


JTAPI   Java Telephony Application Programming Interface
JAL     Joint Access Line, MLAM required.


kb      Kilobits
kB      Kilobytes
kbps    Kilobits per second
kBps    Kilobytes per second


LAMBDA  Load Adaptive Message-Base Data Archive
LAN     Local area network
LCC     Logical contact center
LDAP    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
LEC     Local exchange carrier
LAA     Longest available agent
LSPAN   Local switched port analyzer


MAC     Media access control
Mbps    Megabits per second
MC      Management center
MCS     Media Convergence Server
MDF     Main distribution frame
MDS     Message delivery Subsystem
MED     Minimum expected delay
MGCP    Media Gateway Control Protocol

MLAM    Multi-Line Agent Mode [1]
MoH     Music on hold
MR      Media routing
MRCP    Media Resource Control Protocol
MTU     Maximum transmission unit


NAT     Network Address Translation
NDIS    Network driver interface specification
NIC     Network interface controller


OAMP    Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning
OPC     Open peripheral controller
OS      Object server
OU      Organizational unit


PAT     Port address translation
PerfMon Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor
PG      Peripheral gateway
PHB     Per-hop behavior
PIM     Peripheral interface manager
PLAR    Private line automatic ringdown
PPPoE   Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet
Progger Peripheral gateway, router, and logger
PSPAN   Port switched port analyzer
PSTN    Public switched telephone network
PVC     Permanent virtual circuit


QoS     Quality of Service


RAID    Redundant array of inexpensive disks
RIS     Real-time information server
Rogger  Router and Logger
ROI     Return on investment
RONA    Reroute On No Answer
RSPAN   Remote switched port analyzer
RSVP    Resource Reservation Protocol
RTD     Real-Time Distributor
RTMT    Real-Time Monitoring Tool
RTP     Real-Time Transport Protocol


SAA     Service assurance agent
SCCP    Skinny Client Control Protocol
SCI     Service control interface
SCSI    Small computer system Interface
SDL     Signal distribution layer
SE      Systems engineer
SIP     Session Initiation Protocol
SLG     Service level goal
SNMP    Simple Network Management Protocol
SPAN    Switched port analyzer
SRND    Solution Reference Network Design
SRST    Survivable remote site telephony
SSL     Secure Socket Layer
SUS     Microsoft Software Update Services


TAC     Cisco Technical Assistance Center
TAPI    Telephony application programming interface
TCD     Telephony Call Dispatcher
TCP     Transmission Control Protocol
TDM     Time-division multiplexing
TES     Task event services
TFTP    Trivial File Transfer Protocol
TLS     Transport Layer Security
TNT     Takeback N Transfer
TOS     Test other side
TTS     Text-to-speech


UDP     User Datagram Protocol
UI      User interface
URL     Uniform resource locator


V3PN    Cisco Voice and Video Enabled Virtual Private Network
VLAN    Virtual local area network
VMS     CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution
VoIP    Voice over IP
VPN     Virtual private network
VPNSM   Virtual Private Network Services Module
VRU     Voice response unit
VSPAN   Virtual LAN switched port analyzer
VXML    Voice XML (Extensible Markup Language)


WAN     Wide area network
WIM     Web Interaction Manager
WUS     Microsoft Windows Update Services


XML     Extensible markup language

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