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New Survey: Cisco Certifications are Most and Least Valuable

In a recent Network World survey in which 700 people participated, over 60% said that certifications aided their ability to get a new job.  In the minority, 26% said that they saw no value in certifications and held none themselves.  
"The highest-paid IT professionals who had certs, 58% said a cert led to a salary boost or bonus, 63% said it led to a promotion, and 30% to a new job. These numbers are similar to those in the lower salary brackets, who also overwhelmingly said that certs lead to a salary boost or bonus (55%), new job (62%), or promotion (27%)."
Interestingly, 67% of those that responded had some form of network-related certification and 44% of those making over $110,000 had obtained at least one variant of the Cisco CCIE Certification.
The CCNA, an entry-level prerequisite cert, was the one called out as least valuable, as it is seen as a substitute for hands-on knowledge. Some said the CCNA was valuable in the doors it opened. Yet, the CCIE is still prized in the marketplace as are other difficult, high-level certs like the MCSE. Meanwhile, the CCSP is often required by employers for high-level security positions.
So, while the CCNA itself may not be seen to be as valuable as other certifications, it is required to pursue the more desired CCNP/CCSP.  These valuable "professional" tier Cisco certifications often serve as the springboard into the coveted CCIE.

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