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Free CCNA Voice Training Videos

Updated:  11/13/2011
There are plenty of free resources on the Internet to assist with preparing for the CCNA Voice certification from very qualified trainers.  This post will serve to be a living document that change over time as new resources are located.

Keep in mind that the actual exam required to obtain the CCNA Voice certification is called "ICOMM v8.0 (640-461)".  Additional CCNA Voice training resources can often be found by using these keywords in your search.  Often the training video will be part of a larger, more complete commercial offering by the presenter.  If you find their material useful, I urge you to consider their full product.

David Bombal, "CUCM Native Presence"

Below is the full compilation of CCNA Voice Training Videos that I've cataloged:

Kevin Wallace CCIE #7945,

Psychology of Certification
ICOMM Topics and Skills
David Bombal, CCIE #11023,

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