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B-ACD Configuration: Setting Up Call-Queue and AA Services

The number of parameters used to configure the call-queue script and for each AA service is pretty daunting.  This post is focused specifically on the options required to configure B-ACD & AA on a CUCME router.

Note: If you do not enter the parameters with the proper case and spelling, the scripts will fail.

Note:  In Cisco Unified CME 4.2 and later versions, music on hold (MOH) must be configured for services using MOH. If an MOH server is not available, incoming calls disconnect. For configuration information, see "Configuring Music on Hold" in the Cisco Unified CME System Administrator Guide.

For example (simple MoH multicast configuration):

 multicast moh port 2000

Call-Queue and AA Services Configuration

Note:  Command reference details found here. 
1. enable
2. configure terminal
3. application
4. service [alternate | default] queue-service-name location
5. param number-of-hunt-grps number
6. param aa-huntmenu-number pilot-number
7. param queue-len number
8. param queue-manager-debugs [0 | 1]
9. exit
10. service [alternate | default] aa-service-name location
11. paramspace language-package location url
12. paramspace language-package index number
13. paramspace language-package language language-code
14. param service-name queue-service-name
15. param handoff-string aa-service-name
16. param aa-pilot aa-pilot-number
17. param welcome-prompt audio-filename
18. param number-of-hunt-grps number
19. param menu-timeout number
20. param dial-by-extension-option menu-number
21. param max-extension-length number
22. param drop-through-option menu-number
23. param drop-through-prompt audio-filename
24. param queue-exit-optionoption-number menu-number
25. param queue-exit-extensionoption-number extension-number
26. param queue-overflow-extension extension-number
27. param second-greeting-time seconds
28. param call-retry-timer seconds
29. param max-time-call-retry seconds
30. param max-time-vm-retry number
31. param voice-mail number
32. param send-account [true | false]

Sample B-ACD Configuration

The following example sets up a single AA service, called aa, and a call-queue service, called queue, using the Tcl scripts in flash memory. The service command specifies the location of the scripts. The call flow for this example is as follows:
  • Callers dial an AA pilot number, 800 555-0123, to reach this AA service. They are greeted with the prompt that is stored in the audio file called The en prefix of the filename matches the language code in the paramspace language command. The identifier portion of the filename,, matches the name specified in the param welcome-prompt command. 
  • Note:  The filename within flash will be "" - if you specify the "en" prefix within the "welcome-prompt" param, you will experience about 20 seconds of silence after the call is answered and before the AA service continues to the menu portion of the script.  This is the result of the script not being able to find the welcome greeting sound file.  The prefix will vary depending on the language found within the welcome greeting, specified ultimately by the "paramspace english language en" (or similar) command.
  • After the welcome prompt is played, the menu options audio file,, tells callers that they have the following options: "Press 1 if you know your party's extension; press 2 for sales; press 3 for service."
  • A caller who dials 2 is connected to the hunt-group pilot number 1111. If all the phones in that hunt group are busy, the call is put into a queue for that hunt group. Up to 15 calls can be held in each queue. While the call is in the queue, it tries again every 15 seconds to reach a phone in the hunt group. The second-greeting message is played to the caller every 60 seconds while the call is in the queue. If the call is unable to connect to a phone in the hunt group after 700 seconds, the retry timer expires. The call is considered unanswerable and it is deleted from the queue.
  • After the call leaves the call queue, it is sent to extension 5003, the alternate destination that is specified in the param voice-mail command. If this number is busy, the call tries twice more to connect with it. If the call is still unable to connect after the retries, the call disconnect prompt ( is played and the call is disconnected.

 service queue flash:app-b-acd-
  param number-of-hunt-grps 2
  param aa-hunt2 1111
  param aa-hunt3 1222
  param queue-len 15
  param queue-manager-debugs 1
 service aa flash:app-b-acd-aa-
  paramspace english index 1
  paramspace english language en
  paramspace english location flash:
  param service-name queue
  param handoff-string aa
  param aa-pilot 8005550123
  param welcome-prompt
  param number-of-hunt-grps 2
  param dial-by-extension-option 1
  param second-greeting-time 60
  param call-retry-timer 15
  param max-time-call-retry 700
  param max-time-vm-retry 2
  param voice-mail 5003
dial-peer voice 222 voip
 service aa
 destination-pattern 8005550123
 session target ipv4:
 incoming called-number 8005550123
 dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric
 codec g711ulaw
 no vad

More Information
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