Thursday, July 21, 2011

Triple Combo Tool - Easier Debugs & Traces

I learned about this free tool in a CCVP class I took years ago and rarely run across folks that know about it.  While this won't be available to you on the CCIE Voice Lab or Written, I do find it useful in my day to day workplace.

Where Is The Triple Combo Tool Now?

If you are looking for the Triple Combo Tool and hope that an updated link is available here, well, you are out of luck.  I suggest using TranslatorX instead as it provides similar functionality and is being maintained. 

About The Triple Combo Tool

Murat Tiryakioglu has created an extremely useful tool for viewing and parsing IOS Gateway debugs as well as CUCM SDI/SDL traces.  As these debugs and traces can become very long and difficult to follow, this tool will organize the output and put things in a MUCH more useful format.

In his own words, "Triple Combo is a tool to aid people troubleshoot CallManager problems by providing a listed output of SCCP, MGCP, Q931 / H225, H245 messages found in CCM traces, CCAPI/VTSP, Q931 and MGCP debugs in IOS gateway traces and  versatile filtering capabilities."

Download the Triple Combo Tool

Among the more recent enhancements to the tool:

Triple Combo 4.1.45 Features:
    Support for CCM 8.X

Triple Combo 4.1.41 Features:
    Added CCM 6.X SIP parsing capabilities
    Added RAS parsing support (limited)

Triple Combo 4.1.36 Features:
    Added IOS SIP parsing capabilities
    CCM SIP and IOS SIP parsing uses the first 10 characters of tha SIP call-id field as "message identifier"

Triple Combo 4.1.34 Features:
    Fixed a problem with H225 gateway IP address display

Triple Combo 4.1.32 Features:
    Some changes for CCM 5.0.2 compatibility (let me know if there is anything not functioning)
    Added decode of H225 gateway IP address to the Info column.

Triple Combo 4.1.29 Features:
    Qsig Facility Decode tool called MT.EXE is now integrated to TripleCombo. You need MT.EXE to use the Qsig Facility Decode function
    ISDN Bearer capability & channel id decoded is added
    Improved SDL trace parsing

Triple Combo 4.1.13 Features:
    Improved SDL trace parsing
    Ability to add Cdcc

Triple Combo 4.1.0 Features:
    SDL trace analysis with call filtering
    Added Digit Analysis parsing option
    Grep support on Advanced TripleCombo

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