Thursday, July 21, 2011

Triple Combo Tool - Easier Debugs & Traces

I learned about this free tool in a CCVP class I took years ago and rarely run across folks that know about it.  While this won't be available to you on the CCIE Voice Lab or Written, I do find it useful in my day to day workplace.

Murat Tiryakioglu has created an extremely useful tool for viewing and parsing IOS Gateway debugs as well as CUCM SDI/SDL traces.  As these debugs and traces can become very long and difficult to follow, this tool will organize the output and put things in a MUCH more useful format.

In his own words, "Triple Combo is a tool to aid people troubleshoot CallManager problems by providing a listed output of SCCP, MGCP, Q931 / H225, H245 messages found in CCM traces, CCAPI/VTSP, Q931 and MGCP debugs in IOS gateway traces and  versatile filtering capabilities."

Download the Triple Combo Tool

Among the more recent enhancements to the tool:

Triple Combo 4.1.45 Features:
    Support for CCM 8.X

Triple Combo 4.1.41 Features:
    Added CCM 6.X SIP parsing capabilities
    Added RAS parsing support (limited)

Triple Combo 4.1.36 Features:
    Added IOS SIP parsing capabilities
    CCM SIP and IOS SIP parsing uses the first 10 characters of tha SIP call-id field as "message identifier"

Triple Combo 4.1.34 Features:
    Fixed a problem with H225 gateway IP address display

Triple Combo 4.1.32 Features:
    Some changes for CCM 5.0.2 compatibility (let me know if there is anything not functioning)
    Added decode of H225 gateway IP address to the Info column.

Triple Combo 4.1.29 Features:
    Qsig Facility Decode tool called MT.EXE is now integrated to TripleCombo. You need MT.EXE to use the Qsig Facility Decode function
    ISDN Bearer capability & channel id decoded is added
    Improved SDL trace parsing

Triple Combo 4.1.13 Features:
    Improved SDL trace parsing
    Ability to add Cdcc

Triple Combo 4.1.0 Features:
    SDL trace analysis with call filtering
    Added Digit Analysis parsing option
    Grep support on Advanced TripleCombo

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