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CUCM CLI: 'utils snmp hardware-agents status'

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Command Description

utils snmp hardware-agents status : shows the status of the snmp hardware-agents running on the server

Command Syntax

utils snmp hardware-agents status
Privilege Requirement: Command privilege level 1

Command Example

This output will vary depending on the hardware that you are using.  I'd love to post some other examples if you would be willing to send them to me.  Note that the status below for all processes is [ OK ].  If there was a problem with one of the processes and it was stopped, it would shown here.

On production systems, it has not been that uncommon to find the cmahealthd or cimserverd (IBM Director Agent) process stopped.  These processes are controlled by the SNMP service.  In some cases this may happen if there is a system resource exhaustion (memory).  If any of these processes are stopped or in any other state than [ OK ], it could affect the health monitoring of the call manager server.  Cisco considers these "critical" services to monitor as part of a fully developed monitoring plan.

Usually these processes are successfully started by issuing the utils snmp hardware-agents restart command.

ccmadministrator:utils snmp hardware-agents status
  Using Proliant High Performance
        IPMI based System Health Monitor
hp-OpenIPMI Status:
Module                  Size  Used by
ipmi_si                39904  2
ipmi_devintf           13448  4
ipmi_msghandler        33516  2 ipmi_si,ipmi_devintf
  (hpasmxld) is running...[  OK  ]
Status of hp-ilo:
  hpilo driver is loaded... 
   cmahealthd is running...[  OK  ]
   cmastdeqd is running...[  OK  ]
   cmahostd is running...[  OK  ]
   cmathreshd is running...[  OK  ]
   cmasm2d is running...[  OK  ]
   cpqriisd is stopped...[  OK  ]
   cmarackd is stopped...[  OK  ]
   cmapeerd is running...[  OK  ]
   cmaeventd is running...[  OK  ]
   cmafcad is running...[  OK  ]
   cmasasd is running...[  OK  ]
   cmaidad is running...[  OK  ]
   cmaided is running...[  OK  ]
   cmascsid is running...[  OK  ]
   cmanicd is running...[  OK  ]

Hourly HP Agent watchdog process is activated.

CUCM CLI commands are powerful and sometimes, misunderstood.  I welcome everyone to add value to this social page with your own thoughts, examples, and useful application of the command listed on this page.

Submit your examples and thoughts as comments below - we would love to see them!

Related Commands

utils snmp hardware-agents restart : restarts the snmp hardware-agents on the server.


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