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Configuring the vSphere Client on the iPad

Consider yourself warned, this post isn't directly related to preparing to get the Cisco CCIE Voice certification. However, I'm certain that many of you would like to try using your iPad to manage your home VMware lab - the same one that you likely use to train for CCIE Voice certification. So, I hope that you find this as interesting as I did!

Check out these brief videos that explain the vSphere configuration process on the iPad.  There are two major steps that you'll need to complete.

1.  Install and configure the free vCMA virtual appliance (vCenter Mobile Access):

2.  Install and configure the vSphere Client for iPad application from the Apple iTunes Store:

vSphere Client for iPad Installation Outline
  1. Install the vCenter Mobile Access (vCMA) virtual appliance 
  2. Install the vSphere Client for iPad from the Apple iTunes Store
  3. On the home screen of the iPad go to "Settings", scroll down and tap on "vSphere Client". Now enter the IP Address of the vCMA virtual appliance.
  4. Verify connectivity between your iPad and the vCMA virtual appliance.  
  5. Run the vSphere Client for iPad application and enter the target host, username and password for the vCenter Server or vSphere Host.

vSphere Client for iPad Support

Currently, support is only provided by the VMware community.  You will find the full set of reference documentation and a very active forums full of discussions about the vSphere for iPad application or vCenter Mobile Access.  Happy reading!

While, this initial release has taken a few knocks from the community as a whole, I think that it shows the potential power of managing the Data Center from a fully mobile iPad tablet.  There is much demand for more features to be added to the application, and I'm sure that development will be rapid in response! 

Note:  The vSphere client for iPad does not currently offer a remote console view of the VM.

vSphere Client for iPad Feature Request

There have been several features requested to be added to the vSphere client for iPad within the support forum.  Below is a compilation of the most frequently requested features.
  • Move configuration for vC Mobile Access from Settings to inside the app
  • Save multiple vCenters
  • Option to save passwords
  • Access to Cluster views
  • Take a VM snapshot
  • Initiate VMotion/SVMotion
  • ESX Console
  • Option for no VCMA appliance

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