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Free CCIE Voice vLectures

Updated 7/31/2011
Who doesn't like something for free?  Especially when it has to do with training for the CCIE?

The folks over at IP Experts are offering a series of free training vLectures on some great CCIE Voice topics!

Recorded CCIE Voice Lectures Available

All of their past CCIE lectures are available from their facebook page.  Check it out folks, this is really good information!

Presence IntegrationsAmy Ryan
Sip TrunksVik Malhi
Gatekeeper TroubleshootingAmy Ryan
Mobile Connect and Mobile Voice AccessVik Malhi
High Availability/CME as SRST v2Vik Malhi
SIP Phone Setup & FeaturesAmy Ryan
CUCME Features Amy Ryan
UCCX Integration and Troubleshooting Amy Ryan
Strategy for the Voice Lab Exam Vik Malhi
CubeVik Malhi
Unity Connection IntegrationAmy Ryan

More Information
IPExpert vLectures

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