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Cisco IOS Voice Library

I'm not sure if this was recently added or if I've just never happened to find it, but this has to be the SINGLE MOST USEFUL page I've ever found while working on Cisco voice products:

Included in this extensive compilation:
  • Cisco IOS Voice and Telephony Highlights
  • Cisco IOS Command Reference
  • Physical and Virtual Voice Interfaces
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cisco IOS Call Control Technology
  • PBX Interoperability, ISDN, and Trunking
  • Voice Over Layer 2 Protocols
  • Video Applications
  • Fax, Modem and Text Support
  • Mobility Support
  • Cisco IOS Telephony Applications
  • Security
  • Additional Voice Applications
  • Related Documents
  • Tcl IVR and VoiceXML
  • Quality of Service

Click Here To Access >> Cisco IOS Voice Library

Screenshot:  This shows LESS THAN HALF of the information on this page!


  1. This link seems to be broken, or for some reason my CCO does not have access. I get a 404 then redirected to Cisco IOS and NX-OS EOL Redirect page

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  3. Looks like Cisco has fixed the link! Enjoy

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  5. Link is not opening.....its showing 404 error