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UCCX CRS Editor Video Series

It's likely that you will run into some Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX) challenges on the CCIE Voice exam related to integration, scripting and troubleshooting.  As such, it's wise to gain some familiarity with UCCX if you don't already have it.

The following series of videos from Alex Hannah ( CCIE # 25853 ) from UCCX.NET serves as a very good primer for anyone that is just getting exposure to UCCX for the first time.  UCCX.NET has a wealth of information about UCCX that is likely the best single source for this information on the Internet.

CRS Editor Fundamentals Part 1

CRS Editor Fundamentals Part 2

CRS Editor Fundamentals Part 3

CRS Editor Fundamentals Part 4

I'll add more on UCCX in some future posts, but take some time to review these videos and the information at UCCX.NET to get you started.  

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