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CUCM CLI: 'file delete'

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Command Description

file delete : deletes one or more files

Command Syntax

file delete
activelog directory/filename [detail] [noconfirm]
dir tftp directory [detail]
inactivelog directory/filename [detail] [noconfirm]
install directory/filename [detail] [noconfirm]
license filename [detail]
tftp directory/filename [detail]
  • activelog specifies a log on the active side.
  • dir tftp directory deletes the TFTP directory that is specified by directory. You cannot enter the wildcard character (*) in directory.
  • inactivelog specifies a log on the inactive side.
  • install specifies an installation log.
  • license filename deletes the license file that is specified by license. You can enter the wildcard character (*) as filename to delete all the license files.
  • tftp specifies a TFTP file.
  • directory/filename specifies the path and filename of the file(s) to delete. You can use the wildcard character, *, for filename. 
  • detail Displays a listing of deleted files with the date and time.
  • noconfirm Deletes files without asking you to confirm each deletion.

Command Warning

Please be aware that any files that are deleted with this command cannot be recovered, except when restored with the use of the Disaster Recovery System.

Command Examples

There are many possible uses of this command.  Here are a few ways to apply it:

file delete license */
This command will delete all licenses on the CUCM.  Once this is done, if you upload any new licenses you will need to restart the Cisco License Manager service to apply them.  Adding "detail" to the end of this command will show you all files that have been deleted along with date and time.
file delete tftp /Desktops/320x212x16/*
This command will delete all files within this tftp directory.  This could be handy if you are modifying the background for IP phones that use this dimension and would like to clear the directory before uploading new files.
file delete dir tftp /Desktops/320x212x16 detail
This command will delete the entire directory listed and give a listing of what is deleted along with a date and timestamp.

CUCM CLI commands are powerful and sometimes, misunderstood. I welcome everyone to add value to this social page with your own thoughts, examples, and useful application of the command listed on this page.

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  1. just for info , the file delete license */ ,is available from version 6+ , can't use it in version 5


  2. Good information, thanks! I've tried to focus on 7.x (or later) to better match up with equipment currently found on the CCIE Voice lab. That said, its good to point out when commands were introduced.