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SRST Configuration: IP Phone Customized System Messages

Welcome to Part 4 in the SRST configuration series.  In this short entry, we'll look at how to update the message shown (system message) to users when their phones fallback to the SRST gateway.

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During call manager fallback (SRST), the system message displayed on the IP phone display is what will let the users know that their dialing abilities may be more limited than when they are registered to the Cisco Unified Call Manager.  For example, they may only have the ability to make outbound calls while in SRST mode, and must first dial a "9".  Normally they can reach users within other offices by using their direct internal extension - but this will not work while within SRST mode (unless additional configurations are made, number expansion, etc.).

System messages fall into two types, primary and secondary.

The "primary" message will show on IP Phones that support static messages, like the Cisco IP Phone 7940 or 7960 (27 to 30 characters allowed).  The default message is "CM Fallback Service Operating".

The "secondary" message will show on IP Phones that do not support static messages, like the Cisco IP Phone 7910 (20 characters allowed).  There is limited space for a message on these phones and the message will blink.  The default message is "CM Fallback Service".

Changes to the display message will occur immediately or after the end of the current call.

The example below will result in a primary system message of "External Calls Only" and a secondary message of "External Only".

Sample Configuration

Router(config)# call-manager-fallback
Router(config-cm-fallback)# system message primary External Calls Only
Router(config-cm-fallback)# system message secondary External Only

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