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How to Install CUCME Software Onto a Router

1.  Go to  You will need a CCO account with access to get the CUCME software.

2.  Select the file to download.  For example,

3.  Download zip file to tftp server.

4.  Use the zip program to extract the file to be installed, then:

a. If the file is an individual file, use the copy command to copy the files to router flash:
Router# copy tftp://x.x.x.x/P00405000700.sbn flash:

b. If the file is a tar file, use the archive tar command to extract the files to flash memory.
Router# archive tar /xtract source-url flash:/file-url

5.  Verify the installation. Use the show flash: command to list the files installed in in flash memory.

Router# show flash:
31 128996 Sep 19 2005 12:19:02 -07:00 P00405000700.bin
32 461 Sep 19 2005 12:19:02 -07:00 P00405000700.loads
33 681290 Sep 19 2005 12:19:04 -07:00 P00405000700.sb2
34 129400 Sep 19 2005 12:19:04 -07:00 P00405000700.sbn

6.  Use the archive tar /create command to create a backup tar file of all the files stored in flash. You can create a tar file that includes all files in a directory or a list of up to four files from a directory.

For example, the following command creates a tar file of the three files listed:
archive tar /create flash:stooges.tar flash:orig1 larry.txt curly.txt moe.txt

The following command creates a tar file of all the files in the directory:
archive tar /create flash:abctest1.tar flash:orig1

The following command creates a tar file to backup the flash files to a USB card, on supported platforms:
archive tar /create usbflash1:stooges.tar flash:orig1

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