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Reset and Restart Phones in CUCME

I've often received questions about how to manually reset or restart a phone that is registered to a CUCME router from the router itself. Well, this post should help with that!

Now for most common question #1, "What is the difference between a 'Reset' and a 'Restart' - sounds like the same thing!"

"Reset" does more than "Restart"

Certainly, they are similar, but have distinct differences. Quickly answered, resetting does more. A phone reset is a more complete operation and results in the phone updating firmware, locales, date and time settings, etc. (when necessary).

Read about the command structures here.

A phone reset causes the phone to contact both the DHCP server and TFTP server. Conversely, a restart does not contact the DHCP server.

reset Command

restart Command

Type of Reboot

Similar to power-off, power-on reboot.

Quick restart.

Phone Configurations

Downloads configurations for IP phones.

Downloads configurations for IP phones.


Contacts DHCP and TFTP servers for updated configuration information.

Phones contact the TFTP server for updated configuration information and reregister without contacting the DHCP server.

Processing Time

Takes longer to process when updating multiple phones.

Faster processing for multiple phones.

When Required
  • Date and time settings
  • Network locale
  • Phone firmware
  • Source address
  • TFTP path
  • URL parameters
  • User locale
  • Voicemail access number
Can be used when updating the following:
  • Directory numbers
  • Phone buttons
  • Speed-dial numbers

  • Directory numbers
  • Phone buttons
  • Speed-dial numbers

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