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First Post

Every blog must have a first post. Here it is!

My name is Dave and I'm a network engineer for a large international service provider (to remain nameless). This blog isn't about hyping who I am or where I work, but more to collect CCIE Voice nuggets that I collect along my certification journey. I've already passed the CCIE Voice written exam, and have the CCIE Voice lab scheduled for later this summer.

I've tossed around a variety of note-taking tools and applications and finally settled on doing it here. The collaborative abilities of a blog combined with search capabilities and web access hit all the main points that I wanted.

In short, I hope this helps you in your studies and would love if you'd like to share your thoughts, wisdom, and criticism!


Please note: This is not a replacement for a full-fledged CCIE Study program. Merely, this is a collection of notes, configs, traces, etc., that I've found useful in my growth towards CCIE Voice. I will provide links to resources on the web. There will be some that require you to have a valid CCO account with Cisco to view - I will not repost those articles here. 

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