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CUCME Configuring Multiple User Locales and Network Locales

In this entry, I'm going to show a simple CUCME configuration that illustrates how to please users within the same building that prefer to have different languages and a ring that is more familiar to them (based on their country of origin).  This occurs especially in European deployments where the user base is diverse and may prefer to speak different languages within the same office. 

User Locale:  This template defines the language displayed on the phone.
Network Locale:  Template that defines country-specific tones and cadence.

(Note: the ephone-dn's are not shown here for the sake of brevity)

 cnf-file location flash:
 cnf-file perphone
 create cnf-files
 user-locale 1 DE
 user-locale 2 FR
 user-locale 3 ES
 network-locale 1 DE
 network-locale 2 FR
 network-locale 3 ES
 create cnf-files
ephone-template 1
 user-locale 1
 network-locale 1
ephone-template 2
 user-locale 2
 network-locale 2
ephone-template 3
 user-locale 3
 network-locale 3
ephone 11
 !  This user is from Germany (DE).
 button 1:25
 ephone-template 1
ephone 12
 ! This user is from France (FR).
 button 1:26
 ephone-template 2
ephone 13
! This user is from Spain (ES).
 button 1:27
 ephone-template 3
ephone 14
! This user inherits the default locales since they are not defined otherwise on the ephone.
! The locale for the US is used in this case, since another default is not defined in telephony-service
button 1:28

More details found here.

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