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Cisco "Connected Justice": Collaboration From Police Car to Court Room

The "Connected Justice" vision from Cisco given by John Chambers (CEO) and Jim Grubb (VP Corporate Communications) offers a very compelling demonstration of what could be the future of law enforcement and our judicial system.  Using a variety of Cisco products put together in a collaborative manner, they make a case that any business could be run more efficiently with the presented technologies.

In this twelve minute demonstration, the Cisco CIus is utilized within a police vehicle to perform functions that range from receiving dispatch calls, ability to review audio complaint calls, capture witness accounts, take photographic evidence, and a video call to a judge to obtain an immediate search warrant (after checking their telepresence availability, of course).  All information is saved within "the cloud" so that there is no risk of losing the information if the Cius becomes damaged.

After the defendant is arrested, a Tandberg video conferencing solution is used to provide arraignment hearing without having to transfer the accused defendant.  This allowed all parties to communicate without the risk or cost of travel and transport.  Videoconferencing is already being used in the courtroom to cut down on expense - so this isn't that new. 

Finally, the judge uses collaborative applications on his Cius to instantly see previous rulings that are similar to the case while determining the proper sentencing on the case.

In conclusion, anytime technology is demonstrated this effectively, I get excited - even though some portions seem to have been edited for the sake of the presentation.  The sharing of information is done extremely well in the demonstration and the benefits can be easily seen.  

Take a look below, I'd love to hear what you think!

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